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BOX One 24 x 1.75" 36-Hole Rim Rear

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The Box One Rims feature a double-walled, eyeleted, low-profile design optimized to be both lightweight and durable! We offer these in both brake and brake-less variants. You’ll have a clean and sleek wheel build with rim brake tracks as needed.


- Optimized Internal Geometry
- Machined Brake Track
- Stainless Steel Eyelets
- Brake (Rear) and Brake-Less (Front) Profiles
- Low Profile Design
- Schrader Valve Hole


Brake-less variants do not have a brake track and therefore are not designed to be used with rim brakes! They are to be used as front or rear rims with disc brakes ONLY!


- Box One X2 Pro Carbon 1 1/8" cro-mo steerer 24" X 20mm fork
- Box One X5 Pro Carbon 1.5" to 1 1/8" alloy steerer 24" X 20mm fork
- Box One XL Pro Lite Carbon 1 1/8" alloy steerer 20” X 10mm fork
- Box One X Pro Carbon 1-1/8" cro-mo steer 24" X 10mm fork
- Box One Quantum Hubset 36h Black